The Biggest Breakthrough in Golf Marketing for 2017


The Biggest Breakthrough in Golf Marketing 2017!

The majority of clubs have a single website and perhaps a Facebook page with which to generate leads, gather data and creating new relationships. That means that the vast majority of clubs can only be found in two places. Now imagine that instead of just one website you had 20 or 30 or even 40 different websites all up there in cyberspace generating data, leads, and traffic for your golf club.

Do you think that 40 pages would generate more business than the one you currently have?

Well, you’d be right!

Think of it like fishing, if you go out on a boat with a friend and you have one pole while your friend has five poles in the water who do you think is going to catch more fish? Obviously, the one with more poles in the water catches more fish, right!

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So it is on the Internet, the club with the largest number of landing pages, which is what we call these vertical websites, will generate the greatest amount of data, traffic and leads. Having 40 pages will quickly allow a single club in each market to dominate that markets search engine results. But, it gets even better because these vertical pages convert far better than a typical club website with it’s multiple cluttered messages.

You can drive prospects to very specific pages with no distractions and generate dramatically more memberships, lessons, outings and tee time leads. You can also run multiple contests to win a free round, lesson, vacation or membership. You can run multiple pages offering information on how to hit it further, putt better or stop shanking. You can run multiple pages offering information booklets on how to run an outing or plan a wedding or you can simply get prospects to opt in to download your club brochure.

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You can keep all 40 landing pages up there in hyperspace performing day and night to drive business to your club or you can switch them on and off as you please.

Then you can run a targeted Facebook ad campaign this week, where you might give away a box of Pro V1’s. Next week you might offer a booklet, followed by a free swing evaluation or outing give away. The possibilities are endless and at your fingertips. Simply cut and paste the landing page url (web address) into Facebook or an email and you are in business. No work, no hassle just instant promotions at your fingertips. Leads are sent to you via email as they happen and collected in a spreadsheet!

Keep your current website, change nothing just add 40 more landing pages to dominate your market and watch the leads flow in daily!

He with the biggest database wins, but there is a catch we are only taking one club per market. He who asks second will lose. The math simply doesn’t lie, 40 pages are better than one!

Act now before your competition locks up your market

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