The Golf Marketing Bible Just $39.95 with FREE Shipping!


Golf Marketing Bible BookSave over $70 off the normal $97 cover price and $15 shipping free! ENDS APRIL 1st, 2013!

Just $39.95 and FREE shipping!

The 2013 Golf Marketing Bible With 60 NEW pages on social media!

Jam-packed with over 450 pages of cutting-edge, proven strategies to jump-start any club, resort or golf real estate business!

The Golf Marketing Bible will provide your club with astonishing results and a complete BULLETPROOF BLUEPRINT to Golf Marketing success and PROFITS!

No matter what part of the country or what country you are in, No matter what type of course you run, The Golf Marketing Bible will increase revenues for your club, guaranteed or your money back!

Think of all the marketing questions you have asked yourself over the years, such as: 

  • How much should I spend on marketing?
  • What should I get in return, and how do I measure the results to make better decisions?
  • What are the most effective marketing methods?
  • How do I build an e-mail database in 30 days that’s big enough to fill my tee sheet for the rest of the year?
  • What to do with social media and how can I make money with it?


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Dear Golf Course Owner, Manager, Professional or Marketing Director:

     Depending on how you answer these questions, you can ADD HUGE PROFITS to YOUR Club’s bottom line this year!

    Are you are sick and tired of mindless discounting by your competitors, decreasing play and falling revenues?

     Would you love to dominate the outing market in your city or find an endless stream of membership or real estate prospects?

     Would you like a guaranteed way to build REAL customer loyalty, increase participation in your events and enjoy an endless stream of referrals while increasing your rates?

     If you answered YES to any of these, then read on…

     My name is Andrew Wood, President of Legendary Marketing. I’m considered by most in the golf industry to be the world’s foremost expert on golf marketing. I have written several books on golf marketing including The Golf Marketing Bible, publish the industry’s most widely read marketing e-zine and have done hundreds of seminars for the PGA and others — but my credentials don’t really matter to you. What matters is YOUR RESULTS! That’s what you’re interested in and that’s the ONLY THING that I’m interested in.

     The Golf Marketing Bible will provide you and your club with astonishing results and a complete BULLETPROOF BLUEPRINT to Golf Marketing success and PROFITS!

Jam-packed with 487 pages and 11 Audio CDs of proven effective strategies, you’ll discover everything you need to know, whether you have a daily fee operation, a private club looking for members, a real estate operation looking for sales, or a golf school looking for students. The Golf Marketing Bible is the answer to generating a huge amount of profitable leads.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to set budgets.
  • How to track your advertising.
  • How to build a huge database of players or prospects.
  • How to convert your database into sales of outings, memberships or weddings.
  • Then, once you’ve sold them, you’ll learn how to keep them and how to build real customer loyalty without discounting.

This program is the best investment you can possibly make in your club or your career. If it’s not the best information you’ve ever read on marketing your golf operation, simply send it back for a full refund!

The Golf Marketing Bible has the answers you need to generate players, members, outings , nd profits!

     You will learn how to:

  • Avoid the trap of the GIANT marketing misconception that sucks 97% of clubs’ marketing budgets down a black hole with no possible chance of a return for their money!
  • Dominate without discounting!
  • Generate an endless stream of quality leads for memberships.
  • Develop TRUE customer loyalty from daily fee players.
  • Make 100% of your marketing effective and trackable.
  • Plus real-world examples of campaigns that generated thousands of tee times and millions of dollars!
  • How to Maximize Your Club’s Income with Perfect Positioning, Promotions, Packaging, and Pricing!

     Only one person in any market can use this single marketing secret to out-market every other club in town. You don’t have to be the biggest or the best – just have this one secret weapon. Get it now before your competitors do!!

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, including over 20 years in Senior management positions with for profit industry leader, ClubCorp, I have never seen such a comprehensive book on EVERY aspect of Golf Marketing as in The Golf Marketing Bible. It’s the industry standard and must for any club or industry professional who is serious about achieving results.Bob Devitz, former VP, ClubCorp

Learn How to Master the Art and Science of Great Golf Advertising that Always Works!

You will discover why 80% of your current marketing may be an insane waste of YOUR money. Plus a proven, sure-fire way to increase the response and profits of every ad you place and every letter you mail. I am talking about doubling or tripling your advertising effectiveness in a matter of minutes!

You’ll Learn:

  • How not to get duped by graphic designers, ad agencies or magazine sales reps. Apply this quick and easy 10-point test to every ad and learn to spot a GUARANTEED DUD before you ever waste your money running the ad!
  • Why most clubs are seduced by the Law of Large Numbers and how to avoid the trap!
  • Make your ads 30% more effective with a simple type style change!
  • How to increase your response to every coupon up to 33% by adding a simple graphic to the bottom corner of your coupon!
  • How to make your ad stand out even when your ad runs in a publication with 50 of your competitors.
If you are a club manager, golf professional, developer or course owner you need to read this book before your competitors do!Barry Owens, CEO – Treetops Resort, MI

The Insider’s Guide to Successful Golf Internet Marketing

The Internet offers you the fastest and most cost effective way to golf marketing success, but only when used correctly and in conjunction with strategic offline marketing. Cut through the myths and discover how to unlock the true potential of the Internet for your club.


  • The step-by-step process that a course in the Midwest used to build a complete database of over 20,000 players in less  than 90 days!!!
  • How to get your e-mail read – 40% of all your e-mail is getting BLOCKED. Learn how to beat SPAM filters so your legitimate offer gets to your prospects and customers.
  • What e-mail promotions work the best without discounting – you’ll get specific examples.
  • How to avoid the Top 25 fatal web design errors and build a web site using ‘advanced’ design strategies proven to work — you’ll likely be SHOCKED by many of these! Like the 4 critical elements your homepage must include. If you’re missing even ONE of these, you’re losing thousands of dollars a season — guaranteed!
  • How to drive MASSIVE traffic to your web site.
  • How to automatically get players returning to your web site every single month!
  • 50 stealth marketing tactics you can use to triple your e-mail database in 90 days or less.
  • The ultimate e-mail secret! Pull an 8.2% – 62.3% response on every mailing you send (compared to the embarrassing industry standard of just 0.3%)!
Andrew, I have attended two of your seminars and read your book. I have learned a 
great deal from your information and wanted to say thank you! Best Regards.
Jon Rife, PGA Professional

Grow Your Membership Instantly with Marketing Strategies that REALLY Work in Today’s Tough Environment!

Selling memberships ain’t as easy as it used to be! But if you use the latest tactics unveiled in The Golf Marketing Bible while your competitors are complaining about the economy, you’ll be building a waiting list!

Strategies I’ll share include:

  • How one club sold 87 memberships at $25,000 a pop, spending only $30,000.
  • The closely guarded secrets of the 3-step membership process that delivers more members than any other approach in history.
  • How to generate more than 400 targeted leads for your club while spending less than $10,000
  • The incredible reason why most clubs can’t sell memberships and how to quickly fix it
  • Nine seldom-used techniques to double membership at virtually NO COST! That’s practically a license to print money!
  • How to be a hero at your club by increasing participation in EVERY CLUB EVENT by 20-33% with practically no effort!
The most proactive and profitable membership marketing program I have seen in over 30 years in the golf industry.
 Don Carpenter, GM, San Diego, Ca

Direct Mail – Your Club’s Secret Weapon to Increase Response, Build Loyalty and (Quite Frankly) Destroy Your Competition!

Very few people truly understand the incredible income generating power of direct mail. Those who do are almost always millionaires and never have any problems in attracting business. There is simply no more predictable way to generate massive income for your club than through direct response marketing.

Discover ‘Insider’ secrets to direct response including:

  • Why most direct mail campaigns fail and how to avoid the common mistakes most clubs make.
  • How to write million-dollar sales letters to generate memberships, outings or real estate sales.
  • How to write a killer headline that stops your intended audience cold, grabs them by the throat, and makes them instantly respond to your offer! (Find the right “trigger” words that will push your reader to drop everything to read your ad.)
  • Insider secrets of the world’s best copywriters – little known secrets that will give you the edge. Using the right “power words” will add so much urgency to your copy your prospect won’t be able to sleep until he’s given you money.
  • The one envelope that no one in the history of civilization has ever NOT opened!
  • How to choose the right mailing list for exceptional response.
  • How to sell your prospect three different ways in the same piece. Using this method will immediately TRIPLE your response rates.
If you’re in the golf business, this is a must read! All industries have their own unique characteristics. No other book tackles the intricacies of the golf industry and offers detailed solutions like this jewel: golf course owners, GMs, PGA Professionals, assistant pros, head pros etc. should buy it today before their competitors do!
K. Anderson, Miami, FL


Dramatically increase your income with these foolproof tactics:

  • BLOCKBUSTER OFFERS – How to make astounding profits by a simple but ingenious way of restructuring your offers.
  • The one simple strategy that Doral uses to get $300 a round and how you can steal it to double your prices!!!
  • Over 50 different promotions to drive players, leads and sales!
If you are like me you are constantly looking for ways to improve your business 
and ways to become more knowledgeable about the industry. The Golf Marketing 
Bible is a MUST READ if you are involved in golf course operations. We
purchased 100 copies and made it mandatory reading for all our managers. It is 
essentially what the title says… The Bible for Our Business!
Aaron T. Gleason, Regional Operations Director
Walters Golf Management, St. Louis, MO


How to Increase Sales in Every Department!

No where is the payoff to your bottom line faster or more dramatic than by a small increase in sales skills. You’ll get detailed information on how to get everyone on your team involved in selling more than you ever thought possible! And that includes your people who don’t think they are in sales.

The secrets to quickly bonding with, and qualifying, prospects.
How to structure your sales presentation so prospects sell themselves!

     The secrets to handling objections and closing sales – this section alone could quadruple your closing ratio and INCOME!

That’s not all! You’ll also discover:

  • How to get players coming back again and again with a customer loyalty program that is so simple that none of your competitors will ever figure it out!!!
  • Why you must break the rules of convention to dominate your market.
  • How to automate your follow up for guaranteed results.
  • How to sell golf real estate as easily as connecting the dots…
  • Plus much more!

     In fact, I’ll share ideas with you that are so cunningly clever that you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling just thinking about the positive effect they will have on your business!!!!

Our Membership director started using sales closing techniques from The Golf Marketing Bible… Closed 4 of first 5 prospects utilizing the sales closes and transacted 7 membership sales in November and December. In Detroit, closing any membership sales (let alone 7) at that time of the year is a huge bonus. Thanks!
Brian Bach, GM, Edgewood CC
Member owned private club, Commerce, MI


     Inside Secrets of the Social Media Revolution; Put the awesome power of social media to work for your club to drive play, participation and profits!

There is a dizzying array of social media to choose from including Twitter, Facebook, My Space, LinkedIn, Fast Pitch, blogging and You Tube, to name just a few. It’s hard to know where to start, hard to know which ones are worthwhile, and harder still to figure out how you profit from any investment of time or money in any of them! Even if you do it’s hard to figure out just who is going to do all that tweeting and blogging!


You’ll discover:
  • Answers to the 3 key questions everyone wants to know regarding social media: Why should I do it? What should I say? And how often should I do it?
  • How to use social media to engage, educate, entertain and then sell!
  • How to build buzz and brand by blogging PLUS clever short cuts to great content for busy people!
  • How to quickly and easily grow your list of Fans, and Followers on Facebook and Twitter!
  • Inside tips and tricks to maximize your use of social media including how to put 80% of your posts on auto-pilot!
  • How to exploit the power of Youtube to make yourself, your course, resort or golf school a TV star!
  • And much, much more…

You’re Going to Earn Your Investment in this book BACK the Very First Time You Use Even ONE of The Secrets I Reveal to You!

For most clubs, if what you read brings in just a FEW more members, outings, banquets or cash-in-hand daily-fee customers — and gives you new tactics to continue bringing in additional customers — you’re in a position to print money. In fact, you’ll increase your cash flow in so many different ways, you will wonder where all the money was hiding!




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