BREAKING NEWS: For the 20th Year in a Row Andrew Wood Will NOT be Speaking at the USA, National Golf Course Owners Conference!


Open letter to NGCOA Leadership:

Jay, perhaps I just slipped under your radar? Because I know many golf course owners who find it hard to believe that in 20 years, I have never been invited to share my knowledge at your national event. I have a pretty good resume.

I know you are new to the industry, so here are a few of my speaking highlights:

• NGCOA Canada keynote 3 times
• Asian Pacific Golf Summit keynote 3 times
• UK GCOA – full day event
• PGA Show five times (although not in the last 6 years)
• PGA UK – multiple 2-day events over 2 decades at Ping House
• Full days seminars for 39 of 41 PGA Sections, many twice!
• 14, 2-day, Golf Marketing Boot Camps
• A hand full of seminars for NGCOA sections like Michigan, Wisconsin, California

I am the highest ranked speaker at every event of which I speak and like Ali said, “It ain’t bragging if it’s true”.

Another thing you may not know is I am the author of over 40 books including many best-selling golf business books:

The Golf Marketing Bible
Golf Marketing Strategy
The Golf Sales Bible
A-Z Membership Marketing
Ultimate Guide to Golf Outings & Events
Ranger, 1st tee host and beverage cart manuals and many others

I also read 76 books this year on marketing, social media, strategy, and leadership so I do keep up.

As far as hands-on experience, I am not sure there is any one person in the entire industry that has worked with as many courses?

I have worked with over 2,000 in 19 different countries, managed several courses/resorts and built a 400-unit national franchise from scratch!

Yet, it obviously makes more sense to the NCGOA to hire a sports coach, a financial analyst or get the same four golf management company CEO’s up there for the 19th time…. To get a “fresh” perspective!

Jay, everyone knows Mike Hughes was a mumper, who according to reliable inside NGCOA sources banned me from speaking. I really thought it was going to be different with you? You said it was, but instead, it is just business as usual. Cronyism, kowtowing to sponsors and political correctness.

Inbred thinking, the exact same reasons the golf industry is in trouble!

Wishing you a successful event in San Antonio anyway.


Andrew Wood
Marketing Legend
Legendary Marketing
Direct: 352-266-2099
The World’s Leader in Golf Marketing

PS. The PGA Show seems to be on the same backward page. I have more chance of speaking in Cuba!


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