Where to Spend Your Marketing Budget Most Effectively!


Where Your Golf Course Should Spend Your Marketing Budget Most Effectively!

It’s amazing how many golf clubs basically rubber-stamp their next budget with a “new” version of last years effort, which in most cases didn’t work anyway!

Here’s where I will be spending money for my top clients this year, and I recommend you seriously consider doing the same.

  • Invest more money on providing great content for your Facebook page, I don’t care what you think of Facebook or what you think your customer’s think of Facebook. NOTHING right now is more powerful and effective than a solid Facebook strategy in terms of ROI. But you need the right content and 99 out of 100 clubs don’t know what that is…
  • Invest more money in monthly Facebook promotions. If you don’t do promotions, you don’t grow your fan base, no fan base no results! We have clubs in multiple countries with 1,000’s of fans, our top resort has 35,000 fans. Even some of our daily fees have over 2,000 fans how many do you have? You need more…
  • Invest more money in pay per click Facebook ads, but be careful. Anyone can get results doing this, the trouble is if you have some who does not truly understand how to do this you will be paying 300-500% more per click! That can add up amazingly fast!
  • Try local Google ads cheap, targeted, and effective… If you know what you are doing.
  • Invest more money on sponsored posts. See above, very effective but very costly if you leave it to amateur marketers. Think of a 24 handicap giving lessons on the range to a new player.
  • Upgrade your website. 95% of all those provided by the tee time vendors and POS companies are a total waste of space and costing you $50,000-$100,000 a year in lost opportunity cost. There is a reason they are “free” in trade for a tee time!
  • Review options with local golf magazine to reach their digital database via email, promotions, and backed up by banner ads.
  • Direct mail your outing leads at least four times per year. Few do it but it pays off big.
  • Invest in sales training for all your frontline staff it’s cheap and has an amazing ROI! Here’s how to do it quickly and easily. http://cunninglycleverselling.com/
  • WHY DOES THE GOLF INDUSTRY NOT DO SALES TRAINING? Nothing improves the bottom line faster…!
  • Invest in specialized expertise to help with dynamic tee time optimization… I have just seen some amazing results across a 20-club group, in a market where play is down big time but their revenue up 8-12%!

Spend less on everything else!

If you want more details on any of these points call me. Or if you would like a custom marketing plan in your hands, after a thorough on-site review of your entire operation call me. Until the end of October, I am offering this for an amazingly small investment of just $3,000, plus travel. Call me at 352-266-2099.

All The Best,

Andrew Wood
Legendary Marketing
Direct: 352-266-2099
Email: Andrew@LegendaryMarketing.com


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  1. If you are trying to reach the largest number of avid golfers, your best and lowest cost solution would be a marketing partnership with your state/regional golf association. Typical SRGA members play 50+ rounds of golf a year and account for 70-80% of all rounds played. Most have digital and/or traditional print vehicles and sponsorship opportunities to drive your message. For example, we sent 1 email out for a course and delivered over $15,000 in sales in 1 week….and we are a one of the smallest associations in the country.

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