Why 95% of All Golf Club Websites Fail


Why 95% of All Golf Club Websites Fail and How To Make Sure Yours Does Not!

By far the most important and cost-effective tool to increase your lead generation, in fact, the very core of your lead generation process is your website.

Yet, most clubs and resorts have terrible websites and that includes hundreds of multi-million dollar companies. They may have “the right” look and feel. They may have lots of factual information about the club’s product or service. But they fail miserably when it comes to the most important factor of all, generating leads.

If you do not capture your visitor’s data on their first visit to your website or Facebook page, you fail!

I was lucky to get involved in web activities early. I built my first site in 1994 — the dinosaur era in web terms. It was an attractive eight-page electronic brochure for Martial Arts America that cost me $10,000. I had no clue what I was doing or what the Internet would become, I just thought it was cool! The site was getting huge traffic — 30,000 visitors a month — not because we were doing anything to promote it but because there really weren’t that many sites to visit!

I took NO advantage whatsoever of this traffic. I didn’t capture visitors’ names, I had no booking engine, and I didn’t have a shopping cart. Nor did I change the content to get people to come back. Therefore I provided one-time information to hundreds of thousands of people without making a dime in actual cash or finding out who these people really were!

Sadly, even today, this is how the majority of websites still operate because club owners, CEOs, and even marketing managers don’t understand what the true purpose of their websites should be!

Why Your Current Web Strategy Is Almost Certainly Wrong and Costing You Millions in Lost Revenue!

Ask a number of people what the most important function of their clubs’ website is and you are liable to hear a good many answers about providing information, communication, selling goods, and increasing business. Rarely, if ever, will you hear the answer that I consider paramount to online success.

The number one purpose of a website should be to generate qualified leads. If you focus all your efforts on that, everything else will fall into place. But if you focus only on selling, you may run out of prospects!

Your website should be the absolute foundation of all your marketing activities, the command-and-control center of everything you do in the name of marketing. Every campaign whether online or offline should be built around your website and be aimed at driving prospects and customers to your website or social media to capture their interest in a product or service you offer and report in detail on how they got there so you can do more of those activities!

There is no more important marketing tool at your club than your website. (and your Facebook page) Yet most clubs and resorts, are content to trade style for substance rather than make the commitment to building world-class websites with back-end tools that increase business faster than the national debt.

Even where resorts or golf developments have made substantial investments with ad agencies or web design companies, they almost always miss the mark. While these vendors understand the technology and design aspects, they DO NOT understand the marketing aspects of a truly great website.

Anyone over 12 years old can design a good-looking website in about 4 hours! And don’t let anyone fool you, any decent web team can duplicate the look and feel of any website in the world you happen to like, in about 8 hours.

Design is the easy part of the web business, the part anyone can do! (However, a great many designs are counterproductive to using your site to get response.) It’s the capability to collect data on the front end and the functionality to respond and report on the backend that REALLY counts! Your website cannot just be pretty, it has to be a marketing machine with a sophisticated backend to be an effective tool; 98% are not!

Every single bit of marketing you do should focus on driving people to your website or social media pages to register and answer questions about their habits, wants, and needs. All ads, sales letters, brochures, promotions, TV, radio, and e-blasts should drive people to your website or social media to register! If you fail to capture visitors’ data, you won’t know who they are and you cannot follow up with them at little or no cost in the future.

Once registered, your website can follow up with an unlimited number of offers customized to that person’s unique profile. You can, of course, also use this valuable data for phone sales and direct mail — but ONLY if you collect it!

Change your entire marketing strategy to make building a huge database of qualified prospects through your website your number one goal. If you do this, sales will surely follow!

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