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Exploit the Power of YouTube to Make Yourself A TV Star

“Nothing is real unless it happens on television.” DANIEL J. BOORSTIN

YouTube is an amazingly cheap and powerful tool to create buzz. It basically gives you the ability to create your own TV show. If used correctly, that’s serious power. And it’s perfect for swing coaches!

YouTube is the ideal place to share your expertise, highlight your products, and showcase your students and results while you attract and entertain your existing and future clients. It’s also a great way to go viral. It aids in generating web traffic and helps you climb up the search engine rankings.

I use YouTube to showcase my sales and marketing expertise. Go to to see samples or search Cunningly Clever directly on YouTube. Most of my shows are three to seven minutes in length and contain lots of meaty information, samples, and case histories. You can do the same with golf instruction.

At the end of each informative segment, I direct viewers back to receive additional information. Once there, they can download additional free information, buy products, or sign up for ongoing access to my massive database of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial information. The free shows in effect drive traffic back to the website, a percentage of which then become customers.

Many of the resorts I consult with use YouTube to showcase their golf courses, spaces, rooms, and other activities. Several restaurants I work with use YouTube to showcase different dishes they serve in the restaurant. Golf, karate, fitness, and instructors of all kinds use it to showcase their skills.

Then, of course, there are those businesses that put together funny skits that can quickly go viral.I did one such three-minute spot for a resort that featured Elvis playing golf, with Ozzy Osborne as his caddie, and Donald Trump playing through. It was watched by over 10,000 people in a single week. If you do “funny,” make sure it somehow ties back into what you offer in order to be truly effective at building a business as well as a brand.

One important fact in marketing is that once you have produced a DVD and someone puts it in a machine and hits play, you are now on TV. The same is true of YouTube. It doesn’t matter what it cost you to film it, you are up there just like Tom Cruise.

Check out these examples:

Here’s is how you can really stand out and monetize your teaching talent!

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