Facebook Rules – But Not For The Reason You Might Think!


Facebook Rules for Golf Courses – But Not For The Reason You Might Think!

Facebook is very important for building your brand, top of the mind awareness and ongoing customer dialogue. Anyone will tell you that, and I’ll get to those secondary benefits in a minute. The fact is though that almost everyone in the golf business completely misses Facebook’s primary advantage.
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Facebook’s ability to target specific people, with specific interests, age, sex and even income is unparalleled in marketing history. The only thing better is that at least for now it’s also incredibly cheap. This will not last, so you better use it while you can!

  • You can build an amazingly powerful and profitable email list in a matter of weeks, sometimes days using Facebook ads.
  • You can generate an astonishing number of leads
  • And you can drive a huge number of people to your offers or booking engines using Facebook alone for just pennies!
Here is a fact that may surprise you, website traffic at major websites has actually declined every year since 2008. The reason for that is the massive increase in social media. People are spending more time Tweeting or checking their Facebook page that they are visiting websites.
The key to social media is simple:
That doesn’t for a minute mean that most companies understand how to use social media. Most simply don’t. Over the last few years, I have tried and tested many different approaches before I came up with the key to massive social media success
Engage – Educate – Entertain – Then and only then, sell!
This means having a well thought out program of high-quality content
In our social media feed, we provide our clubs a blend of tips, quotes, jokes, videos, instruction, human interest, anecdotes, contest, polls and sweepstakes and tie it all into the month and the global events in the golf world.
So for example, the week of September tenth is content all about “Arnie” since that is his birthday. Because of the care we have taken in compiling this custom golf content, it never seems anything but fresh and on target to the visitor. They engage with it, share it with friends and this increases your club’s reach as more people follow your page to get access to the content directly.
These Twitter, Facebook and blog posts lay the foundation of a successful social media program and can be augmented by the club at any time with additional personalized information.
Most of the clubs on this program last year saw their Facebook fan base grow by 1,000 to 3,000 fans, with our top client over 50,000! Now that’s some seriously powerful social reach and a massive competitive advantage!
If creating all that content sounds like a lot of work (it is), don’t worry our team at LegendaryMarketing.com does all the work for you! Including the website, social content, landing pages, ads, and flyers!
All The Best,
Andrew Wood
Legendary Marketing
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Email: Andrew@LegendaryMarketing.com

If you want to do it yourself you can get an amazing amount of the high-quality content you need here http://www.golfoperatorassociation.org/landing/

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