Experience Event Day Excellence


Event Day Excellence Begins With Vision…

Prepare yourselves in advance by asking yourself:

• Why are we holding this event?

• What do we hope to accomplish?

• What will make our event better than the rest?

• What will the day look like?

• What is the theme of the day?

• How will you get your points across about the purpose of the event?

The day of the event is the culmination of months of thought, planning and effort. But far too many club managers approach event day without a vision for excellence.
There are so many factors that go into making the day excellent. Make sure everyone on your team knows what is to be expected on event day. Discuss this well in advance of the day, establishing the vision that will lead to building of a plan for excellence!

– Meet one month prior to the event to walk through event day’s activities. A walk through will help your staff picture how the day will flow and what their role will be in that process.
– At your last meeting prior to the event, recap the process of putting the event together and reinforce why the event is important to your club. After a series of meetings over months of time, staff may find themselves focused on their task at hand. Numbers, prizes, golfers, etc. Step back and look at the big picture to remind everyone what the purpose of and final goal of the event is in the first place.  It’s a good opportunity to get people fired up for the big event.


A.J. Ali is a writer, producer and TV host who has a passion for wellness and a love of golf. During a 30-year career as an event producer and consultant, he raised more than $25 million for charity, mostly through celebrity-driven golf outings. His books include “The True Champion’s 30-Day Challenge,” “Tee to Green: How to Use Golf to Make More Money,” and “Supercharge Your Golf Event!: 18 Steps to a Successful Golf Fundraiser.” He is also the Co-Founder, with his wife Jane, of a wellness and cancer prevention nonprofit called Marathon of Miracles — and the creator of that nonprofit’s “Golf to End Cancer” program which is the leading cancer-related charity in the golf industry – visit http://www.golftoendcancer.org.


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