Golf Marketing Strategy – Entry Level Golf Course


Excludes – Better players and most private golf club members may hit balls, take golf lessons and even play there occasionally but will not use as this as their primary venue.

Targets – Beginners, lapsed players, occasional players, minorities, women and busy avid players who stop by to hit balls or take lessons.

Examples – Golf Kingdom, London UK, Three Hammers, Wolverhampton, UK

Taglines – “Learn to Play it’s Fun!”

Tactics – Target school, community organizations, seniors.

Commentary: Many a champion started a golfing career at a range, short course or golf center. Because just about every player regardless of wealth skill or social status will stop by and hit balls at some point. Facilities in this market truly appeal to all segments of the golf market. You will be competing with Top Golf and should make sure the bar or coffee shop scene after golf is trendy and fun!

Entry Level Golf Club

Opportunity: The opportunity at the entry level of the golf business is huge as your market is the 92% of people who don’t play golf. This is also your greatest problem since it’s not easy to tell which of these 92% are most likely to want to start playing or taking golf lessons anytime soon. Best to start your efforts with the avid players and range rats who like to hit balls. Then through questions on your landing pages and contests try to identify lapsed players who can be lured back to the game. Last and by no means least target schools, youth groups large companies, women’s groups and fraternal organizations and try and get them involved in a growing the game program.

Make the range more fun, add targets, goal posts, ship bells, old cars anything that will make for great targets. Devise games with the targets to add a competitive element.

Add a second flag to each green on your short course with a much larger hole and allow players to choose based on skill level. Included heated bay and indoor simulator for winter. Make the bar area and coffee shop rock with innovative décor, music, and upbeat employees.

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