Why You Should Delete Inactive Email Subscribers!


This is most likely something you don’t want to hear, but the times are changing and database management is getting more and more important.

So, we are going to do this quick and easy, just like pulling off a Band-Aid!

You Need to Delete Your Inactive Email Subscribers!

There, I said it. I know…. it hurts. You’ve been working so long and hard to build a large email list, but hear me out.

  • By doing this, you will increase your overall email delivery. – Having a lot of inactive email subscribers will seriously hurt the deliverability of your emails to the people who actually want to receive them!
  • Low Engagement/Open Rates will hurt your overall email delivery. – Email Providers are getting a little too smart! If they see that you’re sending emails to a large list and that a very small portion of them are actually opening them and engaging with them, you’re much more likely to end up in the junk mail folder! By removing inactive subscribers, you will automatically increase your open rate.
  • Inactive Emails don’t matter! – If these email addresses haven’t been opening your emails for a year, the odds are very high that they don’t want your content or the email address has become inactive. These people do not matter to you anymore.

The truth is that these people will not buy from the emails you’re sending them, they are making that very clear. They aren’t opening your emails, clicking on your links or visiting your website. You are not losing anything by removing them, you’re only giving your active subscribers a better chance at receiving your message, which will increase your inbox delivery, open rates, and overall engagement!

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