Seven Critical Marketing Questions Every Golf Club Manager Should be Able to Answer – But Can’t!


Seven Critical Marketing Questions Every Golf Club Manager Should be Able to Answer – But Can’t!

Almost every golf club has a marketing budget, although believe it or not I have actually met many that don’t. Almost every golf club has an income goal. Most golf clubs have some idea of the marketing tactics they hope will help them reach that goal. But, that fact is almost no golf club has a REAL marketing strategy. That includes most of the large management companies who supposedly do this for a living. If you are in any doubt as to the versatility of that bold statement just ask them these questions; All of which should be easily answered in a couple of lines, for without the answers to these questions you have just proven that NO REAL MARKETING STRATEGY EXISTS.


1.    What is Your Golf Club’s Marketing Strategy?

Let’s be honest, you probably don’t have a marketing strategy. What you have is a bunch of tactics, things you think you should do in the name of marketing because everyone else does them. Don’t feel too bad because no more than a handful of clubs actually have a marketing strategy. Yet without a clear marketing strategy, every dime you spend and every move you make could be wasted and may even hurt rather than help your long-term success!

If you are the exception you will easily answer then next six questions.


2.    What is Your Pricing Strategy?

Why do you charge what you charge? Most golf clubs simply charge somewhere between their competition with no real thought into what the optimum price should be based on their financial goal. Rather than the expected number of rounds times x or new member acquisition, versus attrition. In other words, their pricing strategy is fundamentally flawed!


3.    What is Your USP?

What is the one thing you do better than any other club that clearly offers a benefit to your customer? Most clubs hate the idea of pinning their marketing on a single concept instead they try unsuccessfully to be everything to everyone. Read more about developing a USP here.


4.    What is the LTV of a Customer?

A critical question that yet again almost no one can answer and if no one can answer this it means you don’t know how much money it’s worth spending to acquire a new customer. If the average customer is worth $7,000 over his lifetime then it may well be worth $1,000 or more to acquire him! If the average customer is only worth $500 and you spend $1,000 to get him you won’t make it up in volume!


5.    What Does it Cost You to Generate a New Lead?

Unfortunately, most clubs are clueless here as well but it is critical to know what the cost of a new email, new membership lead, outing lead, lesson lead or event lead is? Without out this knowledge, you cannot possibly match your budget to your goal.


6. What Does it Cost You to Generate a New Sale?

Again I have never met a club that could answer this question and yet it’s not hard to figure out. The truth is most clubs simply don’t want to know! Why? Because it will immediately expose gaping holes in their sales process and no one in the golf business wants to take about sales training! (The Golf Sales Bible)


7.    Are Your Marketing Budget, Technology, and Marketing Tactics Congruent with Your Income Goals and the Cost of Sales?

If you didn’t answer questions 2-6 then the answers to question seven is “not even close”. If you did then you know the answer. If you are one of the handful of golf clubs who can answer these seven questions then you have a massive advantage over your competition no matter who they happen to be. If not you better get on it fast because the golf season starts officially starts the day after the Masters!

No battle is won without a good strategy regardless of the playing field.

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