Communicating to Members That You Care: Part 1


Beyond the website, there are lots of traditional ways you can show you care about members. It’s the type of simple things that every first-class dentist, chiropractor and insurance professional do, but that most clubs just ignore. They do it because in the real world people care that you care! Bring it to your club’s world and stand out from every other club to which your member has belonged for less than ten dollars a year!

Birthday Cards

Simple, easy, effective. Print out a roster of all birthdays first thing Monday every week, have key members of staff sign them and get them in the mail. If you can think of an appropriate one-liner to personalize each so much the better! In over thirty years of being a member of a club, this has never happened to me! But I always get a card from my mother, insurance agent, stock broker and dentist. All people who make FAR less money off me than my club?

Christmas Cards

Even more of a no-brainer since the date is always the same. Yes, multiple faiths may complicate matters somewhat but you can either figure that out by asking or go generic on the greeting!

Holiday Gifts

This was one thing my old club in California did well and I thought it a very nice touch. One year it was a throw blanket we still have to this day with the club’s logo on, another year a limited edition logoed sweat top.

In the last few years, I have helped my private club partners by sourcing some holiday gifts including a great looking, writing and feeling pen, ($4) in a presentation case with the club’s logo. A stunning coffee table golf book ($65) which I got on closeout, from the publisher, for a buck each!

Get Well Cards

How often do you hear through the grapevine about a member who is sick? Ho often do you take the 60 seconds it takes to drop a card in the mail expressing your concern and good wishes? Or perhaps even the case of a serious condition send some flowers. Small niceties like this can go a long way in helping keep someone in the club

Congratulations Cards

When your members win you win! Celebrate their victory in the member-guest, club championship or ladies nine-hole event with a card! Make sure you post winners pictures on your club’s website, quickly, not just for them but also so they can e-mail friends and potential members to tell them of their success.

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