Collect More Data from your Website by Adding More Reasons to Opt-in


Collect More Data from your golf course’s website by adding more reasons to Opt-in

6_different_waysHe with the biggest database wins. I have been saying that for over two decades and still say it today. In fact, with all the discount merchants out there, today it’s more impor-tant than ever!

If you don’t have a large database of players in your area then you are not in control of your destiny. In fact I would go so far to say that data collection is your most important job, for without an increase in prospects, it’s hard to increase sales!

Most clubs make a lame attempt at data collection, with one or perhaps two contact points that never change! The more contact points you include on your website and the more different reasons you give the reader to engage, the more data you will collect… it’s that simple.

If you are a private club, do not think for a minute you are excluded from this sage advice! You may approach it in a slightly different way, but your future depends on the depth of your database because that’s where your future members will come from!



tustinThis is a high-end daily fee golf club in the highly competitive Southern California market, yet its’ website has…

– No headline
– No home-page copy
– No data collection points

Every one of these items is a website SALES KILLER!

Amazing but true! I guess you could count book a tee time but that’s it!




Here is a typically lame corporate effort. In fact, it’s barely even an effort with just one data collection point “Join our e-club!” There is a lame headline, too little copy, and the design was out of date before the Internet was even invented — but that’s another story!












Quite frankly, nothing is more important to your future success than the size and quality of your database!

If you don’t have at least five different ways to collect data, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. People respond to different things. Some like discounts, others like instruction. Some like contest, others like planners. Some prefer to download brochures rather than read them online. Others prefer video. Give lots of choices and watch your database soar!
Basics to cover:
•Specials club
•Newsletter sign up
•Birthday club
•Win a Free vacation
•Win Free clubs
•Win Free membership
•Get Free round
•Wedding Planner
•Outing Planner
•Meeting Planner
•Course brochure
•Spa brochure
•Lesson brochure
•Instruction downloads
•Fun downloads Jokebook
•Photo contest
•Video opt-in
•Audio opt-in
•Free golf book
•Win an Ipad, driver, GPS
•Get a discount

All The Best,

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