Building Value Vs Discount Mania


Hey Joe I have a couple of ideas for today’s email?

“Is that right?”

Yea, have you tasted that new smoked salmon club sandwich, chef did? People are just raving about it!

“Naw, where I am from any type of cold fish is bait!”

How about featuring our famous sombrero margarita, you know we are getting a decent group of women after work, every Taco Tuesday now!

“Naw, women don’t spend any money you know that…”

Ok, how about mentioning the new range balls we just got in with real dimples and that we opened up a new short game area?

“People don’t care about range balls or practicing their short game. They just want a cheap tee time.”

What about the fun new targets we have out there on the range? That bell idea I got from Andrew Wood was priceless, ball sales are up 12%. We could do a picture of it with a headline like Ring My Bell…!

“Forget the range I said!”

Well the course is in great shape maybe we should show some pictures of our course instead of that big ugly golf 18 logo at the top of our emails…?

“You know what your problem is Sam, you think too much…. All that stuff takes work. you gotta write copy, take pictures, come up with catchy headlines blah, blah, blah…

Besides I just finished today’s email and it not cluttered with all that crap people don’t care about.

Take a look isn’t she a beauty…?”
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