Become Known For A Signature Dish


Make Your Golf Course Known For A Signature Dish

Ask anyone who has ever had the privilege of playing Pine Valley Golf Club what dish on the menu is a “must taste,” and without a second’s hesitation, they will tell you the Snapper (Turtle) soup. I mean, if you went to Philly you’d try a cheese steak sandwich, right? You go to Joe’s Crab Shack and you are not ordering large portions of dead cow, are you?

Back when Clint Eastwood owned the Hog’s Breath Inn, in Carmel, California I had somehow already heard that the thing to order was the four mushroom salad. Delicious!

Phyllis Ann Marshall, one of the authors of “50 Proven Ways to Build Restaurant Sales & Profit,” says a signature item is necessary to shape how your customers see your club’s restaurant. This dish may attract new customers and create a buzz around your business. Encourage your chef to be creative. What unexpected ingredients or unique flavors can he put together?

Think Subway’s Foot Long sandwich for lunch — can you do a foot long Italian sausage with onions and peppers?

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  • Best Chill in town?
  • Huge burgers?
  • Outrageous salad?
  • Amazing onion soup?
  • Scallop sliders?

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  1. Thanks for your blast… I’m a head pro a a struggling club and we or my board hired a consultant to help the course. They brought in great ideas but they really didnt spend much time at the club or the area. I got the feeling the ideas were extremely generic. Pretty much the same stuff they do at all clubs asking them for the help. I have been telling them for years to do more weddings… we did 2 in four years. I even found them a great catering guy that gets all the weddings in our area. The chairman of the board told me there was no money in a catering service that brings in all his own food and he didn’t want wedding parties taking up room and disrupting the Members on weekends… that’s really funny because during the summer we have a bunch of Members that leave on the weekends for the shore. Our busy days are week days. At 10 am on the weekend our tee sheet is as quite as a mousetrap with no cheese… and that is exactly what the club has…. no cheese

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