Asking a Player to Leave the Course


Although rare, there are times when asking a person or group to leave the course is the appropriate action. These situations must be handled with extreme care both for your safety and the golfing pleasure of those other players on the course.

Actions that might justify expulsion:

The following are reasons for asking a player to leave the course.

1) A player or group of players repeatedly driving a golf ball off the tee into the 4-some in front of them.

2) A player knocking range balls into the water.

3) A player or group of players using loud, vulgar language.

4) A player or group of players on the course that are playing without a paid green fee and refuse to purchase the same.

5) A player or group of players playing another round of golf without purchasing another green fee.

6) A player driving his/her golf cart dangerously without regard for his or her own safety or the safety of other players.

7) A player that indiscriminately throws his golf clubs.

8) A player that repeatedly takes practice swings in a wild and indiscriminate manner that could endanger other players.

9) A player or group of players that vandalize any part of our club’s property.

How to remove a player from the course

Call the Golf Shop. Ask for the Head Pro or the General Manager so that you can verify that the behavior of the problem golfer/group is incorrigible. He will need to know if the problem group has not heeded the second warning (could be the third warning) or in some other manner acted outside golf course protocol.

1. Two people should handle the expulsion, in order that who said what to whom may be corroborated. Normally, this would be you, as a member of the Players Assistance Team and the Golf Pro, each in their own golf cart.

2. Advise the troublesome group that all remedies have been exhausted and that the golfers in their cart(s) must follow the Players Assistance member and Pro to the Golf Shop.

3. Advise the golfers that they will get a full refund. (Ask the golfers for their green fee receipt and file it for your records).

4. If there has been vandalism, or if any of the golfers are intoxicated, green fees will NOT be refunded and the Players Assistance member and Pro should be accompanied by a Police Officer (public intoxication is a misdemeanor).

5. If the players refused to follow remove keys from carts and drive in for further assistance. At this point the golfer or golfers are expelled. They should be escorted to the Golf Shop and be supervised as they leave both the golf course and the parking lot. Expellee’s names should be taken and recorded. The golfer or golfers should not be permitted to return to our course again.


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