Are You Caught in The Cycle?


Are You Caught in The Third-Party Vendor Cycle?

We hear about it every day, and if you’re using a third-party vendor, you probably experience this same exact scenario on a regular basis. A customer walks in ready to play their round. You check them in, notice that they booked on a third party vendor site, paid 80%, 90%, even 95% off your normal rate, they play their round, and then they are gone.

Because this player booked off a third party vendor site, you didn’t get their information such as their name or email address. If you did, it’s because you have your staff trained to collect their information as the player checks in, but unfortunately for 99% of golf operations, this vital step does not happen. You have now lost your ability to turn this player into a regular customer. You can’t send them information and offers from your property. The only way you will hear from them again most likely, is when they see your time at a huge discount on the third party vendor site they originally booked on.

This is Called The Third Party Vendor Cycle

Sure, you get a website and booking engine by allowing the third party vendor to sell trade times on their portal, but is that website and booking engine really worth it? The majority of the websites they provide are average at best, they are not built with marketing practices in mind, and are causing you to lose many valuable additional leads that your website should be generating for Outings, Memberships, and Events. All while the third party vendor is basically stealing customers away from you and into their third party website.

Stop The Cycle

Dynamic Revenue Services was designed to stop this cycle. Three industry leaders have joined together to provide the most complete marketing solution available to the golf industry, all for the same trade times you’re currently giving to third-party vendors.

Dynamic Revenue Services will provide you with the first fully-integrated, real-time, marketing solution that dramatically drives more rounds, leads and revenue. A custom designed website, email marketing, tee sheet and real-time revenue management package all of which integrate directly into over a dozen POS systems. Included are 90-day marketing plans created for your property by our marketing team, which are then supplied to your for review and approval to be executed. Every aspect of your online marketing is done by our team saving you valuable time and making sure it’s done optimally to increase results.

Dynamic Revenue Services will provide you with one of the most innovative booking engines available and will manage any changes you need to make. Our booking engine has many additional features built into it that are immediately available such as Digital Coupons & Dynamic Promotion Codes, a Customer Loyalty Program, the ability to have multiple rate types and much more.

Dynamic Revenue Services will provide you with Dynamic Pricing. This isn’t dynamic pricing that is just based off of utilization. We analyze daily weather, competition, local events, seasonal factors, traffic flow, historical data, school closures and over 20 other factors of supply and demand in your area. This allows us to develop not only daily pricing structures but rate updates within each day part. This results in maximum revenue every hour of the day for your facility!

Trade or Cash?

Dynamic Revenue Services has both a trade and cash model available to golf courses. We recognize that some golf courses simply can’t afford to pay cash in today’s market and that is why we offer trade.

Why is Our Trade System Different than Third Party Aggregators??

  1. The trade time is sold on YOUR website. The customer knows that they got a great deal from YOUR website, not a third party. Data from existing clients golf courses tells us that the next time they think about coming to play golf, they go to your website instead of that Third Party aggregator.
  2. YOU keep the data from the trade time. They are your customers! Their information is yours.
  3. This is a partnership. We won’t sell our trade at a rate that is uncomfortable for our client. Both parties mutually agree upon the time chosen for the trade time.

Dynamic Revenue Services will grow your bottom-line 7 to 15%.
No out of pocket cost to you, No contracts, Cancel anytime!

Stop the Third Party Vendor cycle at your property and work with Dynamic Revenue Services today. We can have you up and running on our platform in 30 Days or less.

All The Best,

John Eidukot:: VP of Technology
Legendary Marketing
“Increasing Your Business is Our Business”

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