Always Up-Sell — The Simple Question That Adds At Least 20k A Year


This is so amazingly simple that no one in 40 years of playing golf around the world has ever done it to me, and yet it offers one of the fastest most predictable ways to significantly increase your revenue!

There is a guy standing in front of you waiting to check in, cash or credit card in hand, and obviously in a buying mood or he wouldn’t be there!

  •  Ask every one checking in if they would like to buy more than one round. Sell them 10 green fees instead of one.
  • 10 lessons instead of five. o Some range balls.
  • Get a two-for-one special on beer on the course, voucher only available in the pro shop.



And, Yes, How You Ask IS Critically Important to the Outcome:

“Would you like some range balls?”

Is not as good as

“Do you want a bucket of range balls each or two buckets split between the group to warm up?”

This makes it clear you assume they want some rather than a yes/no question.

“Do you want to upgrade to a replay round for an extra $25? Or take two rounds and get a third at half price?”

Once again this assumes they will want one of the upgrades rather than soliciting a yes or no answer.

“If you’d like to choose a second shirt today, your third is 70% off “

You get two sales and give him a third at cost — win, win, win as few people ever buy more than a couple at once!

“Mr. Wood, would you like me to go and sign you up for next week’s event while you are here?”

Always present your members and guests with the option to spend more. Very often, they will, but ONLY if asked. Don’t be bashful!

“Mr. Wood, Chef asked me to see if you and Mrs. Wood will be joining us for the wine tasting next Friday? Shall I add you to the list… it’s filling up fast?”

Let’s say I say yes .. .Follow up immediately with:

“Great, and will you be bringing a guest?”

A nice up-sell on the up-sell, and what many don’t see it’s not just an increase in sales its an increase in customer service. You have reminded Mr. Wood of an exciting event and furthermore suggest he might like to enjoy the evening in the company of a friend. Win, win, win — if only more people in the golf business would realize this!

It never fails to astonish me how lame the sale effort is at most clubs! All it takes is a few simple lines like this to add tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line!

And the commitment to practice and MAKE YOUR STAFF DO IT!

Even the few lines I have shared here can easily make you $20,000, and I am sure you can come up with your own great ideas to make these even better!GOA-LOGO


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