All Inclusive Pricing For Golf Courses?


All Inclusive Pricing For Golf Courses?

This is strategy #7 in the more than 20 strategies I have identified for golf courses to consider as a pricing, positioning and rallying points of differentiation.

All Inclusive: Golf, cart range balls, beer and cocktails (caddies) and food!

Excludes – The three examples I have given below are low-end, mid-range and high-end. Most private club members (unless on vacation) would not participate in the low end all-inclusive the second two were certainly high-end enough to attract anyone. There real exclusionary factor here will be the price rather than the positioning

Targets – The low-end value seeker, blue collar worker. The middle of the road golfer looking for a package deal and the businessman who wants a very high-end experience for himself and his guests but wants to pay as he goes rather than pay dues.

Examples – Breezy point Resort in MN, Hard Rock, Nicklaus Course, Dominican Republic, Nikanti, Bangkok, Thailand

Taglines – “Pay once everything included”

Tactics – Point out the potential savings of your fixed cost pricing. No surprise $200 bar bill or $150 lunches for your three guests. website, emails, blog, tour operators.

Comments: When one thinks of “all-inclusive” one typically thinks only of Caribbean resorts of dubious quality but that’s not always the case. I have visited three all-inclusive, golf courses two of which were resorts and only one of which was in the US. The one in the US was a low-end, value priced place in Northern Minnesota.

The second a very good Nicklaus course in the Dominican Republic that included free alcohol, sandwiches, and snacks on the course.

The third a truly spectacular daily fee course in the suburbs of Bangkok. Therefore around $150, you get a round of golf on a beautiful high-end golf course with three loops of six holes, incorporating six par threes, six par fours, and six par fives. The fee includes spectacular food, both before and after you play with soft drinks. It also includes your cart, range balls, and the obligatory, petite, smiling, Thai caddie girls. To finish off you get a locker with a safe, I phone charger, showers, hot tub and a towel. The experience was spectacular and the course was busy!

The concept could be applied to private clubs as well as daily fee operations.

One thing is clear, the vast majority of golf courses have NO STRATEGY! Instead, they naturally gravitate to the middle ground. They are not the best, not the worst, not the cheapest, not the most expensive, in fact just alarmingly average in a world that screams for something more unique. Something more fulfilling!

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