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Help Golfers Who are in a Hurry!

In today’s fast-paced world, players are often in a hurry. The idea of playing a round of golf in less than three and a half hours is often just a dream, and many don’t have the time after a round for a drink or food before they have to rush off home.

What if… You had an ordering system around the 16th tee. The golfer could either order food to be served and ready as they come in after the round. (This will save them the time to order and wait for the food at the table).

Or, they could order food to-go. So instead of picking up dinner at the local diner or fast food restaurant on the way home, they would actually bring home some great food from your club’s restaurant.

One of the golf course restaurants’ biggest competitors is the fast food chains. Make sure you are capturing the captive audience you have by giving them a healthy alternative to take home to their family. The clubhouse and the beverage cart personnel can hand the golfer information on the restaurant and remind the golfer about the “To Go” specials. (See section on handing out flyers in the pro shop.)

If you can give your staff a goal of a certain amount of orders, you can all make it a team effort to boost your revenue. Just by making it a contest or game you will see much more participation!

Based on an average check of $25 for a family of 4 “To-Go” order

Target 4 golfers with families of 4 will yield an extra $700 a week, $2,100 a month

Target 8 golfers with families of 4 will yield an extra $1,400 a week, $5,600 a month

Target 12 golfers with families of 4 will yield an extra $2,100 a week, $8,400 a month!

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As you can see, simply by attracting eight golfers per day who purchase a “To Go” meal for their family of 4 would generate almost $45,000 of revenue for your restaurant based on an 8-month season.

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