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I was surfing the web looking at golf sites from a few different companies when I happened upon several sites by one vendor in particular that where ugly beyond belief. I have seen argued that ugly and functional might be better that just pretty. But ugly and completely dysfunctional at least from a marketing standpoint, is worst of all. Now I know from experience that sometimes the owner or board DEMANDS ugly (of course they think it looks nice!) and to be fair not all the own sites I have had as a manager were works of art but these are just butt ugly. They also totally worthless to their clubs as they completely ignore even the basics of web marketing. (I originally learned from reading the Golf Marketing Bible)


The following may not apply to your club BUT it will certainly apply to some clubs you know… Word on the street is we will see another 400 clubs close in the next 18 months. Many of these could be avoided, but won’t be! It astonishes me just how disconnected the majority of owners, managers or boards are with the very real and tell-tale writing on the wall that spells CERTAIN DISASTER for their club.

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